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Angling Development is a priority area for the Angling Trust. Our development work is supported by Sport England, the Environment Agency and Sports Coach UK. Working with key partners, the development team aims to establish an infrastructure to develop the sport of angling within England.

  • Ben Snook
    Ben Snook
    07720 974 811
    Coaching Development Manager/Lead Safeguarding Officer
  • Clive Copeland
    Clive Copeland
    07730 765714
    Head of Participation
  • Dean Asplin
    Dean Asplin
    07854 239731
    Senior Regional Officer (South) /Welfare Officer
  • James Roche
    James Roche
    07791 786251
    Senior Regional Officer (North) /Welfare Officer
  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams
    07854 240368
    Regional Officer London & South East /Welfare Officer
  • Darren Birch
    Darren Birch
    07791 164921
    Regional Officer North West /Welfare Officer
  • Dave Evans
    Dave Evans
    07854 239721
    Regional Officer West Midlands /Welfare Officer
  • Dave Munt
    Dave Munt
    07854 239715
    Regional Officer North East /Welfare Officer
  • Andy Loble
    Andy Loble
    07539 416223
    Regional Officer Yorkshire & Humber /Welfare Officer
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis
    07854 239725
    Regional Officer East of England /Welfare Officer